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Caminhos Cruzados Winery

We recently started the project of Enotourism, which includes wine tasting, vineyard and winery guided tours, some games and didactic programs.


This wine intend to commemorate the best moments of 2017 - the year of its bottling - a remarkable year both personally and professionally for the Caminhos Cruzados’ family. We thus created a blend made with the region’s best grapes, which was bottled exclusively in 1,5L bottles. It is intended for full tables and great moments.

WHITE 2013

Character, Elegance and Boldness.

To make memorable wines, the passion of the new Dão.

We are moved by the permanent ambition to make wines, modern, complex and authentic, true ambassadors of the distinctive identity of the Dão region. We assume to take this heritage throughout the world. The signature in the label is from the Grandfather Coelho dos Santos, that marked the destiny of this family, with his passion for the Dão region.

Our heritage


The Wines

The interpretation of the new Dão, elegance, complexity, terroir

Caminhos Cruzados

In 2017 we opened the new winery at Quinta da Teixuga and started the project of Enotourism, which includes wine tasting, vineyard and winery guided tours, some games and didactic programs.

Contact us

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Rua de Carvalhal, nº 50, 3520-011 Algerás - Nelas - Portugal
+351 232 940 195


Rua Boa Viagem 44 4470-210 Maia - Portugal
+351 229 445 480


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