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Happy Weddings – 4 books with 4 wines

What makes a happy marriage? Meeting, (some disagreement), surprise, emotion, drama?  These are suggestions for marriages between books and wine that have all that and more. Try the harmony of these junctions and tell us the result.

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Flores – Afonso Cruz & Holder Colheita Red 2018 

"Tears are not all the same. Chemically, the tears caused by peeling an onion are different from those we cried when we buried our father. The tears, all of them, contain oils, antibodies and enzymes. The ones I cried that day I threw a shovel of lime for the hole where they buried their father had, in addition to the particles that the microscope detects, the immense sadness of not being able to share another bottle of wine. One thing are onion tears and another are tears of the heart."

In this absolutely wonderful book, Afonso Cruz takes us on a beautiful and harrowing journey through our memories, or rather, through the terror of losing them. This is the story of Mr. Ulme, a character I have remembered since reading Flores. A delicate, sweet and painful book, as all good literature should be. It goes very well with the Titular Colheita Tinto 2018, an elegant red that fills the mouth and conquers us a little more with each sip.

They are both, book and wine, to be enjoyed calmly and devotedly.


There, where the wind cries – Delia Owens & Titular Colheita Branco 2020

“Faces change with the hardships of life, but the eyes continue to be a window to the past.”

It is in the beautiful setting of an American swamp, described in detail, but without ever losing our attention, that Delia Owens tells us Kya's story. It is a true coming of age of this girl and woman who overcomes sadness, misfortune and above all loneliness. Kya's life, interspersed with an exciting murder trial, captivates us from beginning to end and leaves us with a lump in our throat as only great stories can. To match the enchanting setting, only the Titular Colheita White 2020, a delicate and perfumed wine with depth and nerve.

Together, these two go out into the night in perfect harmony.


The night summer ended – João Tordo & Titular Rosé 2020

“Monarch (butterflies) migrate in search of a better life. Maybe our own lives aren't that different. We grow up looking for shelter, we evolve in an attempt to find a refuge where pain doesn't find us so easily; where we feel warm and welcomed. Along the way, like butterflies, most of us get lost. We are carried by the winds, swept off course by the vicissitudes of time; we spend a lifetime on the periphery of ourselves, when paradise is right there, invisible to our fragile eyes, blinded by the promise of light.”

This, which is the author's first thriller , turns out to be much more. It is a true cocktail of mystery, suspense, romance and a comical-depressive portrait of the everyday reality so characteristic of João Tordo. It's a book that tells us about ourselves: about family, about passions, about dreams and disappointments, about cruel and pious lies, about what we are capable of doing when we reach our limits. It's a wonderful book that is both sweet and subtle and violent and crushing.

A true page turner that could only match our Rosé 2020 Holder, a delicious and irresistible wine.



The intermittences of Death – José Saramago

“There have been nothing but stories told about God and death, and this is another one of them.”

A must-read book by a greatest genius in Portuguese literature, As Intermitências da Morte shows us one of Saramago's most distinctive traits – his sublime humor. With no forbidden places or decorum in the story to tell, this is the story of death. A unique and unmissable perspective on men, what moves us and what truly kills us. This unmissable book pairs with Caminhos Cruzados Alfrocheiro 2016, a complex, evolved red, full of corners to discover.

They both deserve our full attention to be drunk without missing any details.


Text by
Ligia Santos

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