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Nine good reasons to drink wine

Here are nine good reasons to open a bottle of wine:

Researchers at Harvard Medical School published a study confirming that resveratrol - a component found in the skin of red grapes, stimulates the production of a protein that has anti-aging benefits.

Therefore, as long as it is accompanied by a healthy diet and physical exercise, a glass of wine a day can give you a few more years of life. It doesn't hurt to try, right?


2. Improves memory

Once again, dear resveratrol. Studies show that people who ingest this substance present in the skin of red grapes have greater ability to retain new words and have better performance in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is associated with the formation of new memories, learning and emotions. However, when consumed too much, we all know the effect of a few glasses of wine on memory loss – even if momentary – about the previous night's events.


3. Goes better with meals

 There is no denying that wine brings more soul and joy to any meal. It is the oldest drink to promote the most varied pairings. Choosing the right wine will elevate any dish and make the combination of flavors much more interesting.


4 - Relaxation

Just hear the cork coming out of the bottle and your brain immediately receives the right message: relax . A good glass serves to relax after a tiring day at work, and there are even studies that show that you can sleep better when you drink wine with dinner. Because it is such a powerful instrument, some people even associate it with other relaxation routines such as Yoga and meditation.


5 - Sociability

Even though it's great to enjoy a good glass alone, wine tends to be a social drink. A bottle asks to be shared. Sharing a wine is sharing an experience, a moment, a pleasure. How many confidences have been shared over a bottle of wine?


6 - Culture 

Wine is the mirror of a people’s culture. It is a testimony to our history. Drinking wine, in a way, is always linked to a story. Just think that each producer and each label has a past, a reason for being. A true wine lover always has a lot to discover and taste, in an endless and delicious exercise.


7 - Romance 

There has never been a marriage proposal washed down with beer. Or the water. Wine is the romantic drink par excellence. Everything conspires in your favor on these occasions: the ritual of the service, the sensuality of the drink served in elegant glasses, the right alcohol content, the shared bottle.


8 - Celebration 

Yes, wine can be a drink of meditation, but if we look at history, wine has always been the drink of celebrations. Nowadays it is no different, each important moment in our lives is usually marked by the opening of a special bottle, selected for that moment, which will be immortalized in our memories.


9 – Flexibility

Wine is the right drink for any time. Is sad? Find comfort in a glass of red wine and listen to UB40 in the eternal “ red, red wine, stay close to me ”. Is happy? Pop a bottle of sparkling wine and toast with your loved ones, in a euphoric raise of arms. Are you bored? Go to the wine cellar and see how much there is still to taste and discover. Wine is a world with several facets, an endless number of expressions that will never bore you.

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Ligia Santos

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