Wine Series - Caminhos Cruzados White – Caminhos Cruzados - A paixão do novo Dão

Wine Series - Caminhos Cruzados White

Welcome to another episode of the Wine Series. Today, directly from the heart of Quinta da Teixuga, we launch the Caminhos Cruzados range, made from the vineyards that surround us here.

We kick off with Caminhos Cruzados White, a white wine that fills us with pride, filling us with pride for exactly reflecting its origin. A white made from four grape varieties that we grow here on the farm, cerceal, bical, malvasia-fina and encruzado.

Characterized by its freshness and minerality from our granite soils, it is a wine with an aromatic nose, but very elegant, a little more austere, a wine that reveals itself little by little, with each glass.

In the mouth it is also the same, it is a very seductive wine that invites us to continue tasting, so do just that, taste, enjoy and share with us.

To yours!

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