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Wine Series - Caminhos Cruzados Rosé

Welcome to Caminhos Cruzados!

Today we present, from the Quinta da Teixuga forest, a very special, different and out-of-the-box rosé that was born from an inspired moment in our winemaking team, Caminhos Cruzados Rosé.

To the batch of Touriga Nacional, which we had already vinified to make rosé, we also added Alfrocheiro and, the great secret of this rosé, we added some grapes from Encruzado.

This last addition of Encruzado brought freshness, acidity, structure and created an absolutely delicious rosé. It is a rosé full of aromas of forest fruits, very typical of here, of what surrounds the vineyard. It is a rosé with a very good mouthfeel, with good structure, very good for the table and will certainly delight you.

Don't forget to try it, try it, enjoy it a lot!

To yours!

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