Wine Series - Teixuga Red – Caminhos Cruzados - A paixão do novo Dão

Wine Series - Teixuga Red

Welcome to the latest episode of Caminhos Cruzados!

To close our Wine Series today we present Teixuga Red and we couldn't do it from any other location than our barrel room. This is because Teixuga Red spends more than two years aging in used French oak barrels.

It is an extraordinary wine made from the old vines of Quinta da Teixuga, vines over 70 years old that despite not producing a large quantity produce extremely high quality, making an absolutely unique wine.

This wine is a vineyard wine, which means that we find several characteristics of the vineyard in the glass, we can smell the aromas of mushrooms, aromas of forest fruits, some mint. It's a very fresh, very elegant wine that doesn't notice the excess time it spent in barrels, it's a super balanced wine, very exclusive.

I hope you try it and like it as much as we do!

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