New Year, New Cycle! – Caminhos Cruzados - A paixão do novo Dão

New Year, New Cycle!

With the beginning of the new year also came the beginning of a new cycle for our vineyards. We started pruning at Caminhos Cruzados!

Pruning begins in January and lasts for approximately three months, followed by bud break.

With pruning we aim to balance the vines in relation to their productive/qualitative potential and vigor. At Caminhos Cruzados, each vineyard is different: the older it is, the more care we have to take to give it longevity. Here we have the various systems of conduction: from the uni and bilateral cord better known as royat, the simple guyot and also the ancient pruning known as pole or lathe pruning.

Along with harvesting, pruning is intense work, involving a lot of care and dedication.

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