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Open Day at Adega da Caminhos Cruzados!

Dãojoulais is coming!

It is with S. Martinho at the door that Caminhos Cruzados is preparing to launch the new harvest of Titular Dão Novo, as is customary.

This wine replicates Beaujolais noveau, a French wine and tradition that celebrates the first harvest of the year, being ready two months after harvest. In this way, and like French wine, this is also made using the carbonic maceration technique, a technique that gives rise to wines with sui generis characteristics, thus resulting in a young, fresh wine, with aromas marked by fresh notes of strawberry and raspberry. , very smooth palate, where the tannins appear very round and velvety.

The Dão Novo Holder served at the recommended temperature, around 12º C, becomes a completely different wine, even fun! It's perfect to accompany the roasted chestnuts typical of the month of its launch, but also the roasted sardines that mark our country's popular festivals and a lively summer!

It is in this context that we invite you to come and celebrate with us ! Caminhos Cruzados will combine magusto from S. Martinho and the launch of Titular Dão Novo with the celebration of Wine Tourism Day and will open the cellar doors to the public on 11/13/21, starting at 11am , and there will be two guided tour options, at 11am and 3pm.

So, with the possibility of tasting this “Dãojoulais” with us, you can also visit the winery for free, taste other wines and much more! We have surprises for you, let's celebrate together!

We are waiting for you!

Watch the video of our Wine Series and discover more about Titular Dão Novo through the words of Lígia Santos:

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