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The Harvest has already started! Discover the programs.

In Dão, there is no more magical and inspiring moment than the arrival of the harvest! At Caminhos Cruzados, it is time to celebrate nature in its splendor, to connect with the earth and to create memories that will last forever.

This year, we have planned different programs with different activities. During the month of September, which can last until October, there are three options that visitors can choose from. The first is the grape harvest, followed by a guided tour and wine tasting, starting at 11 am with the delivery of a t-shirt, hat, scissors and bucket to start work in the vineyards. At 12:00 pm there will be a visit to learn about the wine production and vinification process and then a tasting of 3 wines to finish, at a cost of 35 euros per person.

The second program costs 50 euros per person, starting with a Beirão breakfast, at 10:30 am, with wine, juices, coffee, teas, cheeses, sausages, fruits and regional balls. At 11 am, the harvest, visit and tasting take place to conclude.
The last option is more diversified, where the experience begins at 10:30 am with breakfast in Beira, grape harvesting, visit to the wine cellar, ending with a lunch with wine pairing, consisting of 2 starters, main course and dessert, having a total cost of 80 euros per person.

For reservations, prior booking of services in writing and confirmation of the final number of participants are required. For more information about the conditions, please contact

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