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Happy vineyards, happy ecosystem!

After receiving a flock of 153 sheep, which was an essential help in controlling weeds and in the natural fertilization of our soils, we proceeded to the next step, we planted 105 trees of 10 different species, giving life to a new forest, a future habitat for the ecosystem of the region.

In April we took two very important steps in our project again! We began cleaning that allowed us to restore our forests so that they have more life and serve as shelter for the species that make up our ecosystem.

After this cleaning, it was the bioshredder's turn to come into play, and it was then that, using the forest cleaning byproducts, we made a compound that we applied to the line. This technique is called Mulching and is used to prevent the development of spontaneous flora in the planting line, increase soil fertility and health and conserve soil moisture.

Now we see the flowering coming to the vines and how beautiful and healthy they are!

We have happy vineyards! <3

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