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Wine & Yoga

Wine and Yoga is a duo that was born in Caminhos Cruzados at the beginning of 2021! After the year we lived in 2020, with so much worry and anguish, we felt the need to stop, breathe and find our balance.

Every day, all of us, from the Caminhos Cruzados team, have the possibility of doing it with a view of our forests or vineyards, with a different daily sunset or with the fog that covers Serra do Caramulo. And we thought, why not do it more and better? And that's how we decided to invite you to share with us this space that is so much ours.

We think that the benefits of wine and yoga intersect and complement each other in a good harmony that we want to practice. You see, we know that wine has benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart problems, among many others. In turn, yoga works the body and mind in an interconnected way, controlling anxiety, stress, etc., promoting our balance and well-being.

So, we easily understand: wine and yoga is one of our wishes for 2021! We want to bet on this, which is a combination that soothes the soul and frees the spirit. To get the ball rolling, we challenged Beatriz Fonseca, yoga teacher at Foz Yoga Center, in Porto, to share this balance with us and start bringing this desire to life! According to Beatriz, “balance is key in everything we do. Drink wine in the late afternoon, but don't forget to practice yoga the next morning. Embrace all your versions with the same intensity. Balance is everything in life.”

We are certain that as soon as we can get together we will do justice to this very special combination, making the most of the place where we are, so well presented by the beauties of the Dão region, washed down with wine that represents it so well, made with all the our love and care.

Until then and until we can do it together, shall we try it at home? Stay tuned, we will share all the news with you.

See you soon!

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