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Caminhos Cruzados

Under the brand Caminhos Cruzados our greatest creative challenges are born. It is the name of the house that jumps to the bottle to ensure that all the wines with this stamp arise, to take us to a new Dão, reinvented in each bottle.

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Produced by a number of accomplices, from harvest to bottling, this wine shows itself fresh, delicious and enigmatic.

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Teixuga is a wine with character, elegance and daring. Produced with the best grapes of Quinta da Teixuga, each bottle is an encounter with the vine, surrounded by the mountains and the omnipresent pinhais. Intended for unique and memorable moments.

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The Titular collection is a range of elegant, structured and complex wines, with great potencial for a positive evolution in the bottle, which completes perfectly an inspired meal and excelent conversations.

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