Crossed Paths Dão Portugal - History – Caminhos Cruzados - A paixão do novo Dão


Caminhos Cruzados is the initiative and will of the Santos family, born in Nelas, determined to return to its origins to invest in an ancient passion, dão wine. The connection to wine is born in the older generations but was passed on to the young Lígia and Francisca who, from an early age, made the harvests in family and friends, gathering everyone in a small shop at home, giving rise to a homemade wine.

It is in 2012 that Paulo Santos decides to give life to this tradition and creates a family business, run by Lígia Santos that exchanges Lisbon and law for wine and head to Nelas to direct the project's destinations. Its wines are made from grapes of own production and selected producers, recognized for their quality and excellence of grape varieties, all in the Dão region.

The company's philosophy is based on the production of quality wines, with a strand of tradition allied to modernism and constant differentiation that the market demands, it is in this context that the wines of Caminhos Cruzados emerge as "The New Dão".

The name comes from the familiar thought that life is not always made by straight paths and that, on the contrary, there are more atypical paths that lead us to incredible places. The motto is that every time two paths intersect, something fantastic can happen, as is currently the case with family members, with different formations and experiences, whose paths intersect in the project.

The company (vineyards and winery) is located in the Dão area, more specifically in Nelas. In 2017, the new Winery was inaugurated, with bold architecture and emerging from the vineyards of Quinta da Teixuga. The Winery is inspired by the company logo, two lines that intersect and are perfectly integrated into the environment. It is conscious in aesthetics and also in sustainability and allows the practice of Winetourism.

Recently, Caminhos Cruzados joined the Terras e Terroir Group, owned by businessmen Paulo Pereira and couple Maria do Céu Gonçalves and Álvaro Lopes, which also includes The Duriense Quinta da Pacheca and Quinta do Barrilário, in Armamar.