TEIXUGA Touriga Nacional - Exclusive Lot | Dão D.O.P. 2015 – Caminhos Cruzados - A paixão do novo Dão

TEIXUGA Touriga Nacional - Exclusive Lot | Dão D.O.P. 2015

The old vineyards of Quinta da Teixuga gave us the grapes of Dão’s queen grape variety - Touriga Nacional. After careful selection, the long process of creation of this unique wine, which aged for 24 months in French oak barrels, began. The perfect integration of the wine with the barrel was thoroughly followed, with high expectations, giving birth to a wine characterised by great structure and aromatic complexity. Each bottle is a rendezvous with the vineyard, surrounded by the mountains and by the ubiquitous pine forests... a rendezvouz with the Dão region, in all its splendor.

This is the first red Teixuga, Caminhos Cruzados’ premium brand, and as its brother white Teixuga, it is produced with grapes from the vineyards of Quinta da Teixuga. It presents an intense and deep colour, and great aromatic complexity. In the mouth it surprises by the vivid and emotional tasting, followed by a great amplitude with a persistent and elegant ending, revealing a great balance between all its components. The Dão’s essence.

Ham and sausages, oven-baked lamb, oxtail stew, partridge stew, partridge stew with chestnuts, and cheese “queijo da serra?. Serve at a temperature between 16-18ºC.

"Impressive in the nose for its depth and richness. Ripe and fresh fruit competing with sweets and plum compote, spice and aromatic herbs. Graphite notes add complexity, resinous and vanilla notes to finish. Dense and thin at the same time, filigree tannins, perfect acidity. Wine of amplitude that ends with raspberry delicacy confronted with graphite seriousness."
Rated 18.5pts, Wine-Great Choices

"Grenade tint of good concentration. Nice nose, wide and rich. Sophisticated fruit, harmonious and fresh, immense floral tones, touch clementine, aniseed fennel and licorice. Luxury barrica. The mouth ratifies the impressive freshness, remarkable structure, elegant, dynamic, tannins of high caliber and proportion. Very deep and fresh, with fragrant finish, long and of great quality.
Rating 18pts, Wine Magazine